A Short Introduction in English

About Stratego Advies

Stratego Advies is a consultancy firm for sustainability in the built environment, founded on August 1, 2017. Stratego Advies works for public and private parties active in the field of real estate and area development, maintenance and management. These can be project developers, construction companies, investors (e.g. pension funds) and housing corporations. But also municipalities and government organizations.

Whether it concerns setting up a sustainability vision or strategy, program or project management, the approach and output of Stratego Advies always applies:

No abstract stories or green vistas, but practical and to the point. Here and now, with an approach that is often as simple as it is understandable, which is in line with the perception of clients and which offers everyone involved a concrete perspective of action.

Depending on the question or need of clients, Stratego Advies can fulfill various roles, including that of i. expert as a member of, for example, a design or construction team, ii. integrator in the role of program or project manager and / or iii. inspirator in giving lectures, courses and training, but also as a facilitator of, for example, workshops or to supervise meetings and brainstorms.

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About Bas van de Griendt

Bas van de Griendt is the founder and owner of Stratego Advies.

Bas has been active for almost his entire career working at the interface of environment and sustainability on the one hand and real estate and area development on the other. Making that concrete and practical to handle, inspiring and connecting people and organizations, developing knowledge and sharing experiences are the most important motives for him.

Bas is an easily switching generalist, has knowledge of content and sense of process. He demonstrably knows how to connect vision and strategy in the field of environment and sustainability with the practice and operation of real estate and area development, maintenance and management. His way of working is refreshing, tenacious and innovative.

As a communicator, motivator and inspirator, he knows how to create enthusiasm and put successful projects in the spotlight in a good way.

Before Bas founded Stratego Advies he worked at BPD (Bouwfonds Property Development, 2005 – 2017), Royal Haskoning (formerly IWACO BV Consultants for Water and Environment, 1994 – 2005) and TAUW (Tauw Environment, 1990 – 1994).

In addition to his work, Bas fulfills a number of supervisory functions. For example, he is a member of the Supervisory Board of Woningbelang, a housing corporation in Valkenswaard, and a member of the Supervisory Board of the Nature and Environment Federation Utrecht NMU. For the past six years, as a member of the Provincial Commission for the Physical Environment (PCL), he has also been an independent adviser to the political and administrative authorities of the province of Utrecht.